Capacitor Cases

As another step in forward integration and for effective supply-chain management at customer's end, Inspros manufactures customized cases or tanks for Capacitors. These cases, made of either Stainless Steel sheets, Grade 409 or 304 or CRCA mild steel, are bent to perfection within close tolerances and welded. The welded joint or seam could be either placed centrally on the side or at a corner. As another version, the case can be made in two halves, having two centrally placed or corner located welded joints. The case can be provided with a bottom base, which could either be of a single-piece deep-drawn construction with or without embossed foot supports or it could be of folded construction with corners cut and bent sides. Mounting brackets can be provided at the sides and at the bottom. Similarly bent foot supports with mounting holes can also be provided. A few of the constructions/ designs are shown here. Depending upon the order volume, customization in constructional parameters can be done.

The cases undergo leak-test at 1.5 kg/ cm², while immersed in water, on a routine basis i.e. 100% of the produced cases are subjected to this test.