•  C-Frame, D-Frame and tubular constructions
•  Push pull construction
•  Laminated AC or DC solenoids
•  Permanent magnet solenoids
•  Flapper type solenoids.
•  Class F (155 C) encapsulated coils on many models
•  UL certification for insulation systems
•  Series Trip (Latch type), under voltage release, sequential
    operating mechanism
•  Customized products to suit individual application.


Inspros offers large range of electromagnetic AC and DC Linear Solenoids (Actuators) and Mechanisms for use in wide variety of applications. These solenoids are high performance products designed for speafic industrial applications.

Typical Applications

• Switchgear - Vacuum Circuit Breakers,   EHV SF6 Circuit Breakers, Automatic   Transfer Switches (ATS).
• Change over Switches.
• Auto-reclosure breakers.
• Interlocks for Isolators & Electrical   &Panels.
• Automation.
• White goods—viz Washing machines,   dish washes etc.
• Dispensing Equipments .
• Medical Equipments.
• Textile Machines.
• Machine Tools.