Historical Background ………..

Located in Mandideep, a satellite industrial township of Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh (M.P.), a centrally situated state of India, Inspros Engineers Pvt. Ltd. was set up in 1985 with an objective to be a one-stop-shop for electrical insulation components & wound magnetic components, serving the needs of the switchgear and transformer industry. Since the electrical industry was in an evolving phase in India, Inspros charted the route of import substitution using state of the art technology, to ascend the growth curve. The organization’s core competency got evolved over the years and today Inspros utilizes a strategic combination of it’s abilities to design & innovate, quality and dedicated customer service to be reckoned as a market leader in it’s chosen field of operations. Throughout the industrial sector Inspros provides a unique blend of standard and custom-built solutions for control, switching, movement, circuit protection, electromagnetics & high
voltage connections.

Global Connection……From Import Substitution to Export Led Growth.

Besides being a leading supplier to a plethora of domestic OE manufacturers in the field of Power and Railway Traction equipment, Inspros exports a sizeable portion of it’s output to a large cross section of OE manufacturers, located in the developed & developing nations like USA, PR, Mexico, Kuwait, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Slovenia, Spain, Kazakhstan, Korea, Iran, etc. having a global connection in over 19 countries. Inspros has been awarded by the Engineering Export Promotion Council of India, as the company in Western Region with highest growth in export for it’s performance in 2005.

Not only the quality of products made at Inspros, but it is the entire process of understanding customer’s needs, customizing an existing product or custom designing a new product to suit application, manufacturing processes imbibing the best practices and systems, stringent quality assurance process and after sales services that makes Inspros a preferred and repetitive vendor to several domestic and overseas customers.


The products being manufactured by the Company are tailor made to suit specific requirements. Presently the customer profile extends to the Original Equipment (OE) manufacturers in the segments of:-
• Circuit Breakers, EHV, HV and LV
• Outdoor and Indoor HV Isolators, Automatic Transfer Switches
• Industrial Automation
• MV Capacitors
• Traction Controlgear
• Railway rolling stock viz. Locomotives, EMUs
• DC Power Contactors and Relays
• Railway Traction Machines
• EHV Instrument Transformer & Power Transformer
• Spares for Steel/ Cement plants and Power plants. .