Weldable Bushings

Inspros is known as a global supplier of Weldable Bushings to Medium Voltage Capacitor manufacturers, offering a wide range of bushings with many geometrical shapes of porcelain insulators and end fittings (metal components) to suit customer requirements. These bushings are hermetically sealed using wet processed porcelain shell and stainless steel end fittings.


• Color : Grey and Brown
• BIL : From 60kVp to 200 kVp
• Creepage distance : 140mm(5.5") to 1320mm (52")
• Connection : M12, M14, M16, 1/2" UNC stud
• Connection Material : SS304, Brass
• End fittings : SS304, SS409.
Bushings are supplied either with hollow studs so that copper flexible wire from capacitor element pack is soldered/ brazed by the capacitor manufacturer or can be supplied with solid studs with pre-fixed copper wires in customized cross-section so that the pre-brazed wires can get crimped/ brazed with wire from capacitor element pack.

All bushings are subjected to routine tests to check torsion strength of top connection or stud, leak-free performance of joints & pull strength between end-fittings and insulator body.