Manufacturing & Quality

  • Well furnished Machine shop: Equipped with several CNC Turning Centres, CNC VMCs, Cylindrical grinding machines, Centre-less grinding machine, Automatic and manually assisted Surface grinding machines, Thread-rolling machine, lathes, milling machines, drilling machines etc.
  • Press shop & light fabrication: Equipped with mechanical crank type power presses in several ratings, Hydraulic forming presses, Orbital riveting machines, TIG welding machines.
  • Coil winding shop: Has several CNC wire winding machines, NC strip winding machines, semi-automatic layer winding machines, edgewise strip winding machines, Electro-butt welding machine, Electro-brazing machine.
  • Insulation moulding/processing shop: Comprises of Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) plants, Vacuum-casting machine, Hydraulic Compression moulding presses & PLC controlled Ovens.
  • Special processes: Resistance brazing, Gas-brazing, TIG welding, Seam-welding etc.
  • Bushing shop: Equipped with Ultrasonic cleaning machine, Hydraulic presses, SPMs for welding and brazing, in-line testing and assembly
  • Armature coil & Stator bar forming shop: PLC Controlled multi-head hydraulic stator bar pressing machine, loop winding machine, Swaging presses and forming tables.
  • Assembly shop: Solenoids & Traction Control Gear undergo various manufacturing and assembly operations in a cell-manufacturing assembly shops, which are replete with assembly tables, hydro-pneumatic presses, pneumatic hand tools and other assembly aids.
  • Marking & Packaging: Equipped with state-of-art Laser marking machine to print indelibly on finishing products & Various box-strapping & palletizing machines/aids.

Inspros has adopted a holistic view to quality – an approach which combines

  • Strict control on input materials.
  • Vendor audits and compliance with specifications.
  • Well practised QA plans during in-house manufacturing.
  • Stage quality checks and tests.
  • Empowered workmanship.
  • Prolific usage of assembly gauges, fixtures & Poka-yoke tools.
  • Extensive product testing.

Processes and test methods at Inspros have been designed to uphold the Company’s commitment to ISO 9001 & maintain high standards of health & safety in the manufacturing facility & environment.

Besides subjecting the products to rigorous type-testing as may be stipulated in relevant national or international standards, at recognized independent test laboratories, facilities for carrying out various routine or special tests exist in-house too, viz :

  • Force - stroke analysis of a solenoid.
  • Endurance testing of solenoids.
  • Temperature rise test.
  • Hi-pot and tan-delta measurement of stator coils.
  • Burn-in test of coils.
  • Mechanical load testing of bushings.
  • Leakage testing of bushings.
  • Endurance testing of various traction controlgear devices.
  • Surge comparison testing, inter-turn short testing, hi-pot testing, resistance & inductance measurement.
  • Hardness testing
  • Conductivity measurement.
  • Electroplating thickness testing for ferrous & non-ferrous coatings.